Compliance: IntellectsRCM is committed to HIPPA compliance to safeguard all PHI data digitally. We maintain paperless working environment, paper containing PHI Data will be shredded before disposing off. All the data shared will be encrypted with a standard password.

Quality: IntellectsRCM execute duties with a spectrum clear focus on the entire objective to deliver what you really expect from us.

Improvement: Increase collection; Shorten revenue cycle days; Decrease rejections and denials; Increasing clean claim.

Trust: IntellectsRCM not the off-shore office; apparently, we are the extended office of your organization. We will be more efficient as you do.

Timely Service: IntellectsRCM will follow up all claims on a timely manner, ensuring the Timely Filing limit was not elapsed.

Low Cost: IntellectsRCM provides billing service at a comparatively lower cost compare to the other billing companies. We assure you to bring down your cost thereby increasing profitability.

Support: Transparency on claim processing; Daily, Weekly and Monthly data presentation on progress; Dedicated success lead to answer all your queries and request.